Tuesday, July 13, 2010

in which i discover more reasons to love goa

coming from the city of moral policing, where dancing in clubs/pubs is banned, where you give in your last order at 10 30, where you leave your watering hole at 11 30, and you go back home straight to bed, i discovered several more reasons to love goa.

on saturday, a few friends and us visited cavala, posibly the only place in the north that is open, functional and a whole lot of fun even in the rains and the "off-season" time. tucked away in what seems like an old brick house, cavala turns into a web of music dancing revelry and magic on saturday nights. with a completely authentic "pub" feel and atmosphere, a super enthusiastic and colorful goan live band in action, and a whole lot of twisting and jiving people having fun, cavala gave me the chance to let my hair down.

so back to my new reasons to love goa:
- it lets me get dressed, without worrying about being stared at in public
- it lets me leave home to head towards destination party not before 10 pm
- it lets me enjoy some brilliant LIVE music
- it lets me enjoy some lesser appreciated music like the beatles, santana, ccr, gypsy kings, etc
- it lets me DANCE amongst other dancers enjoying the night and jigging their way through it
- it lets me order my last drink whenever i want and NOT at 10 30, thankyouverymuch
- it lets me stay out till way past 11 30, still dancing the night away
- it lets me leave a pub when i want to, at 1 30, when the night is still young for many and the pub is still bubbling with activity
- it lets me satisfy my urge to have ice cream at 1 30 am, at the nearby baskin and robbins place that is YES, still open

the next day however, i woke up with that familiar ache in my muscles, that seemed like it was reaching all the way inside my bones. and i could only attribute it to a lot of alcohol and not enough water. oh, that and dancing on heels, after what seemed like FOREVER!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010


on returning from a short trip back home in bangalore it has dawned on me, just how much bangalore has really changed as a city. being away for even a few months and returning, somehow gave me different perspective on the city altogether. although it will always be "home", i realized that i might never be able to live there again.

the bangalore i have grown up in and come to love and cherish, is unfortunately a part of history now. and honestly, i feel its something that once lost, can never be brought back. the unprecedented change/development and the damage it has caused to the city, is irreversible as far as i can see it. and it amazes me how no one else sees it the same way.

why are the influential, rich, powerful people in the city sitting back and watching this wonderful city be torn down in parts? those who realize it and dont do much to be a part of changing it, move out i guess. much like i did. so actually, i cannot sit back and complain. i can merely see, observe, feel pain and wish and pray that someday it will change for the better.