Friday, April 30, 2010

amazing sights you see only in goa

...all the better to erm, recharge yourself with, perhaps?

baga on a good day

baga is not the kind of beach where you go to enjoy a day of peace and quiet. its not the kind of beach you go to with a book in hand, ipod stocked with music, and the aim to indulge in solitude. its not the kind of beach you go to so you can be left alone in peace. its not the kind of beach you go to, to catch a gorgeous sunset. because its too busy. even if the sun were to set beautifully, you'd probably have too much activity distracting your eyes.

its the kind of beach you go to when you want to get a sense of how "happening" the tourist season can get. its the kind of beach you go to when you want to indulge in some pointless water sports. its the kind of beach you go to, when you want to enjoy the festive and tourist-friendly shack atmosphere, get pampered by the wandering masseurs, and let numerous hawkers show you their wares.

but on an odd good day, like we witnessed 2 weeks ago, it can make some pretty beautiful sights...


for having witnessed a gorgeous sunset. the most amazing one i have seen in a while. at miramar, a 7 minute walk away from home.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

a sunday well spent

yes, we saw dolphins. and they're cute.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

where frustration meets dejection meets creativity

our hunt for simple, basic, essential, affordable, yet nice furniture around the house has left us severly frustrated, dejected and disappointed. the only good thing is it got us thinking of creative ways to make furniture work.

at the staurday night market at arpora, we came across an enterprising french couples stall, featuring furniture and random knick knacks like frames, mirrors, trays, shelves etc, made form scrap wood. very cool and very kitsch. for quite a reasonable price we picked up a restored wine crate and 2 old school wooden cold drink crates -- the kind one would see in an old provision store..

next, we bought glass slabs, cut to size and placed them on top of the crates. the wine crate is now a decent very cool coffee table of sorts and the lower crates make interesting side tables.

one sunday, we even bought red and blue oil paints to color our coffee table with.. see for yourself!

back home again

...and this time around it really feels like home.

we had a whirlwind of a weekend with romi, simran, harsh and ram with us. went to 3 beaches in a day, got terribly sun burnt, had lots of good food, some laughs and a lot of fun. amongst other things we went out into the sea on a speed boat, saw dolphins (yes!), jumped out into the sea surrounded by nothing but water for miles on all sides, did this crazy banana boat ride, got chucked into the sea a few times, bought 2 lowely summer dresses and felt really kicked :D

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


its true. i miss home. and im referring to the goan one here.
my trip in bangalore got spontaneously extended. TWICE. im not complaining. extra time back home is always good. but i DO miss goa.

i miss the birds i hear every morning. i miss the easy driving. i miss vc. i miss chandralekha. i miss my maid. i miss cooking. i miss walking over to the general stores across the street every morning in my shorts, without a care in the world. i miss how easy it is. i also miss how hard it sometimes is.

i know when im back in goa, il probably miss bangalore again (im kind of schizo that way), but i do miss goa. i miss that sense of settledness. which one can only feel at home. the feeling one misses when youre away.

goa = home.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Ello. Had disappeared for a while. Work work and work. Was kinda figuring out ways to make a client tick. I wont deny it. I have been neglecting home for quite a while now. It's Monday night. I'm 4 beers down. Just downed the last one in my refrigerator.

Setting the agenda for the rest of the week. No more beer. Need to lose weight. Need to use the pool at Cidade de Goa. It's "health" week people! 2 kgs.. wait wait.. 2 inches to lose this week.

Im feeling kinda optimistic.

Friday, April 16, 2010

earth to...

..a certain other contributor that used to be regular on this blog, before he turned into a goan workaholic.

please post something before the blog forgets you.

Monday, April 12, 2010

the most awesome saturday spent at anjuna

its weekends like this that really make me grateful for having got this chance in life.

hallelujah! we're connected.

im posting this from my home in goa. yes, our BSNL broadband saga has ended. we're now connected.

the BSNL fixit man showed up out of the blue, fixed our modem, keyed in our settings and voila! we were connected. as simple as that.

it only makes me wonder why all the fuss and delays and procrastination and lack of accountability for the last 2 months!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

random thought #2

i now know the importance of mommies, and all the things they did for us all our lives, that we just took for granted. like hot meals at mealtimes, laundry, picking up after you, tolerating your messiness, your moodiness and the fact that they're ALWAYS there.

i now know what my mom meant when she said she sometimes gets tired of constantly picking up things, cleaning up, cooking, washing, folding, laundering, tidying...

HOW do mommies do it all? and do it so well?!