Monday, May 23, 2011

Going to church. On Sunday afternoon.

Im tired of ranting on my blogs, venting my heart out, going on and on about how work is draining me of energy and positivity. But the honest truth is, that it REALLY IS. I've just realised though, that going on and on about it, out here doesnt do much for me, except give me a space to express it freely. So I must stop, and focus on the good things that are happening side by side.

If you've been on my other blog, you'd know that Niyu was here for a good 2 weeks. Priya dropped in one weekend and took the shenanigans meter sky-high. So here's the highlight of her visit. Our visit to the Chapel of Mount Mary. A quaint old chapel atop a hillock. Not very well known by all. At least, I dont think so, because it is strangely desolate and deserted every time that I have been there. A gorgeousy stark white structure, overlooking Old Goa, almost like a sentinel watching over the old city.

I'll leave you with a few shots Niyu took, that perfectly capture the gorgeous day it was. While it was cloudy, overcast and there was a hint of a drizzle, the hot air hung around like a bad mood, making us sweat and feel tired. However, once at the chapel, we forgot about it all..

Head to VC's blog, to see his picture from the trip.