Monday, May 31, 2010

its here..

for the first time since i moved to goa..
i had trouble sleeping because of the din from the 5-hour thunderstorm.
the sun hasnt come out all morning.
its been completely overcast.
theres a cool, rain smell-laden breeze wating into my living room.
i feel the spray of fresh rain coming through.

say hello to the monsoon 2010.

Sunday, May 30, 2010


When your wife asks YOU to check if the tea is strong enough by looking at its colour, you know you're an expert. Even if it is only at making chai.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

culinary experiments

one of the best things about moving to goa has been the discovery that i can actually cook! and no, i dont mean just putting things together to make an edible item. i mean i can cook. and well!

very immodest of me, i know. but the discovery ahs been wonderful. while i havent ventured into the zone of exotic and elaborate cuisine, and im sticking to simple home cooked meals (just the kind my mom makes), everyday poses a mini challenge..

will the channa turn out just like ammas?
will i be able to make the rasam as well as i did the last time?
will the rice be cooked just right this time?
should i experiment and make puris instead of rotis?
how can i use the gobi without repeating what i cooked 2 weeks ago?

but the good thing is, in most cases, the experiments have turned out right. and gone well. been successful. most days, i surprise myself with the way lunch and dinner turns out. whats more, it surprises the husband too, and he often asks "how did you learn to make this?" or "i didnt know you could make this!"

and i have only one answer "i have no idea -- it just happened!"

Monday, May 24, 2010

Navhind Times - 24 May 2010

Seen on the front page of Navhind Times...

"Sources in the transport department informed that the number of drunken driving cases is increasing especially among the youth. The youth under the influence of alcohol have no control over their vehicles, which often leads to accidents, the sources said."


Thursday, May 20, 2010

a breathtaking discovery

iv been in panjim for over 2 months now. its a really small place. i think i have been right around the entire town many times. theres only so many places to see. or so i thought.

until i entered the kala academy yesterday. and saw this:

the nicest, prettiest, perfectly quaint jetty. with benches to sit and take in the view.

sigh. the discovery really did take my breath away.

just me. act 1, scene 2.

after weeks of having some company or the other. between house guests, travelling and having niyu around, im back to being lonely old me again today.

niyu left last night and i have to now get accustomed to being the only human being at home again.

today, i am in no mood to do the chores i normally do. i dont feel like cooking either. its going to be magi for lunch and a whole day of lazing for me.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

weather update

the weather has been consistently hot. with a few bearable days in between. a few days ago i read a piece in the papers about how this is the hottest summer goa has witnessed in the last 4 decades.


why now?!

while we had a few surprise showers last week, the past couple of days have seen temperatures rise steadily, and taking humidity levels to an all new high.

its becoming unbearable. its so hot that my brains are beginning to melt.

Monday, May 03, 2010

best birthday in recent times..

i turned 26 on saturday. and celebrated what was the best birthday in recent times. here's snapshots of the day we spent at anjuna..picture postcards of how i will always remember this day..

i missed amma and anna terribly. but thanks a friggin million ak, pa, g, niyu and vc -- for the most memorable birthday of all time.

now, to go and tick off "beach birthday" from my bucket list.