Thursday, May 27, 2010

culinary experiments

one of the best things about moving to goa has been the discovery that i can actually cook! and no, i dont mean just putting things together to make an edible item. i mean i can cook. and well!

very immodest of me, i know. but the discovery ahs been wonderful. while i havent ventured into the zone of exotic and elaborate cuisine, and im sticking to simple home cooked meals (just the kind my mom makes), everyday poses a mini challenge..

will the channa turn out just like ammas?
will i be able to make the rasam as well as i did the last time?
will the rice be cooked just right this time?
should i experiment and make puris instead of rotis?
how can i use the gobi without repeating what i cooked 2 weeks ago?

but the good thing is, in most cases, the experiments have turned out right. and gone well. been successful. most days, i surprise myself with the way lunch and dinner turns out. whats more, it surprises the husband too, and he often asks "how did you learn to make this?" or "i didnt know you could make this!"

and i have only one answer "i have no idea -- it just happened!"


  1. Can we also have pictures...

    And can you do me a favor and please write down these recipes. I might need them from you some day :D

  2. AWWWWWSOME rere... making a meal can bring such happyness hehehe.. i now what you mean. :)

  3. queen: pictures would be most bland and uninteresting. nothing i have ever cooked has looked good enough to be photographed..but when i get there, il start taking pictrues :D

    nanga: come cook with me :(

  4. Well ... actually thats on another blog.. its called