Sunday, February 13, 2011

3 of 3900 weekends

the latest weekend getaway was yesterday. a nice long drive to arambol, where iv been before. with anand in town, vc too got enthusiastic to hit the beach. after a good long 9 month hiatus for him. the workaholic in him doesnt let him see enough of the beach. thats life being a bitch -- making you WORK in a place like goa.

anyhoo, armed with the new 10-24mm lens and the beaut that is the 35mm prime, we set off. and here's what happened:

2 of 3900 weekends

a few weeks ago, the husband and i wanted to drive out to chapora fort. having lived here for over a year, we still hadnt seen it. the fort of dil chahta hai fame. tired of waiting for company to join us to make the trip we decided to go on our own, and this is what came out of it:

1 of 3900 weekends

the husband has a new blog. and his latest post has inspired me to come back here and document what we've been up to.

apart from being consumed at work, and feeling like we have no time to do much else, we manage to squeeze in weekends of fun, as his latest post will tell you.

almost a month ago, sirish, vc and i drove out towards old goa. stopped on the way at this alley that lead out towards the river. in an open space behind a dilapidated home was star -- a riverside eating joint. it had everything from noisy locals, to flies, to riverside birds, to creepy crows stealthily eyeing your food, to COWS (yes, you read that right).. but the most amazing fresh fish i have eaten in a while.

and naturally, where there is fresh fish, there are: