Monday, May 31, 2010

its here..

for the first time since i moved to goa..
i had trouble sleeping because of the din from the 5-hour thunderstorm.
the sun hasnt come out all morning.
its been completely overcast.
theres a cool, rain smell-laden breeze wating into my living room.
i feel the spray of fresh rain coming through.

say hello to the monsoon 2010.


  1. Awesome.. i'm loving it behbeh

  2. Waaaahhhhh!! fully jealous...trees and rain...what more could u ask for!!!

  3. Hello Monsoon and please come to Mumbai soon

  4. not bad at all man. that looks really good! if i were to send you a pic of dilli now it'll all be white. coz thats all i can see outside. white.