Wednesday, April 21, 2010


its true. i miss home. and im referring to the goan one here.
my trip in bangalore got spontaneously extended. TWICE. im not complaining. extra time back home is always good. but i DO miss goa.

i miss the birds i hear every morning. i miss the easy driving. i miss vc. i miss chandralekha. i miss my maid. i miss cooking. i miss walking over to the general stores across the street every morning in my shorts, without a care in the world. i miss how easy it is. i also miss how hard it sometimes is.

i know when im back in goa, il probably miss bangalore again (im kind of schizo that way), but i do miss goa. i miss that sense of settledness. which one can only feel at home. the feeling one misses when youre away.

goa = home.

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