Monday, April 19, 2010


Ello. Had disappeared for a while. Work work and work. Was kinda figuring out ways to make a client tick. I wont deny it. I have been neglecting home for quite a while now. It's Monday night. I'm 4 beers down. Just downed the last one in my refrigerator.

Setting the agenda for the rest of the week. No more beer. Need to lose weight. Need to use the pool at Cidade de Goa. It's "health" week people! 2 kgs.. wait wait.. 2 inches to lose this week.

Im feeling kinda optimistic.


  1. Hi Revati

    Found your blog while looking for info on Goan breads. Will be reading about your experiences to draw parallels or learn about places I haven't been to. I see that you haven't written recently (on Goa) and hope you'd write more. I've been capturing my version of Goa on my blog but only when I'm there every summer...cheers, Jyoti

  2. Thanks for dropping by Jyoti. I have unfortunately not been very regular with this blog. But you can check my updates at: