Tuesday, April 27, 2010

where frustration meets dejection meets creativity

our hunt for simple, basic, essential, affordable, yet nice furniture around the house has left us severly frustrated, dejected and disappointed. the only good thing is it got us thinking of creative ways to make furniture work.

at the staurday night market at arpora, we came across an enterprising french couples stall, featuring furniture and random knick knacks like frames, mirrors, trays, shelves etc, made form scrap wood. very cool and very kitsch. for quite a reasonable price we picked up a restored wine crate and 2 old school wooden cold drink crates -- the kind one would see in an old provision store..

next, we bought glass slabs, cut to size and placed them on top of the crates. the wine crate is now a decent very cool coffee table of sorts and the lower crates make interesting side tables.

one sunday, we even bought red and blue oil paints to color our coffee table with.. see for yourself!