Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Week 1 in Goa

Agenda - House Hunting

A black swift brought us to Goa in 16 hours. A pile up on Tumkur road put us back by an hour and a half. A road accident further up en route to Hubli put us back by another hour and a half. Dharwad to Londa. What in the world were we driving on? Rubble? Gravel? We were averaging close to 25 kmpl. Oh we also lost a wheel cap and found it when a truck driver handed it to us. We lost a remote to our music system. Haven't found that yet. I think Nijay threw it out the window. Stress has a weird effect on people.

10 pm - Reached Bernado. Oh by the way Bernado is a residential hotel in Dona Paula. Cheap and clean. Checked in, went out for dinner and called it a day.

We were excited about the next day. We had to meet people. We had to look at apartments. Saw apartment no. 1. Fantastic location. Not too expensive. And water problems (something we didn't know then) Saw apartment no 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 over the course of the week. Decided to take apartment no 1. "We'll get the Indian loo replaced with a western one" I said. I did that. But more on that later.

Lets hit the beach. I wanted to celebrate. Baga it was. Captain's Cabin beach shack. Downed a few Tuborgs, braided my hair, watched as Nijay passed through to new heights of physical pleasure with a full body massage. A full body massage? From a guy? I had to snap a few pics.. So I did. And I had to put these up. So I did that too.

Went back to Bangalore with braided hair. Quoting my bald friend G, "What you looking at? That's the way we roll in Goa biaaatch".

Week 2
Agenda - Settling in

Came back the following week and finally realised that the apartment we chose had water problems. We wanted to wash up at 7 in the evening and didnt have a drop of water. To make things worse, our WC wouldn't drain out. Which means that you would see lumps floating around. Disgust. Nowwadddodo? Start house hunting for the 2nd time.

Finally we found a great one. Moved in. Bought a fridge. Stacked it with beer. Sat in the balcony and drank. Cheers to a new beginning.


  1. and lets not forget the weird goans we met between the beginning of houe hunt number 2, and finding the final

    but we shall leave that for an entirely different post.

  2. BEAUTEOUS you guys.. way to go.. :)