Tuesday, August 10, 2010

meet the parents

for a girl, its one thing to have her own parents over, and quite another thing altogether to have her in laws over. having never been in this situation before, i didnt quite know what to expect. despite initial panic and worry about whether my home would be homely enough, tidy and clean enough, vaastu-friendly enough, god-fearing enough and liveable enough for mom and dad, it has to be said that it was an absolute pleasure to have them over this weekend.

the rain decided to spare us and stayed away for the most part, giving us ample time to loaf around the streets of panjim. shopping, eating at street corners, discovering new restaurants, going to temples and also catching a movie.

after a fun-filled, action-packed weekend, i realized i like to have people over.


  1. ohhh viveks parents ha :) i like the way aunty is titling for the picture here ...super cute