Thursday, September 09, 2010

annoyances? quirks?

i found this cartoon. i thought it was cute. so i emailed it to vc. consequently, we began listing the various annoying things.

he: --when im dead tired after a long day at work and want to sleep. and you insist on filling me in on all that you did that day.
--when its the weekend and i want to sleep in and you insist on waking up bright and chirpy, and EARLY!

me: --when you forget to put your socks away.
--when you leave the newspaper in the loo.
--when you stay up drinking and im starving.

and i realized this could go on forever. but we werent fighting. i could swear this was all in good spirit of humour!

and then i found this:

and it reminded me of how he never complains when im chattering away. he never complains when i wake him up early on a weekend. and i also rememberd how i just quietly pick up after him. and how i snack on stuff until hes done drinking, just so we can eat together. and all was well in the universe again.


  1. aww haathi...i so agree on the second cartoon..its so true :)

  2. I like the 2nd cartoon! :)

  3. :P
    me too..more relevant than cartoon 1 no?

  4. the 2nd one is right on!