Sunday, November 28, 2010

an IFFI evening

IFFI times are here. and evidently if youre into the artsy-fartsy movie scene, this is the place to be this time of year. im not, though. so i decided to stick to the food-festival part of it, charmingly set out along the promenade by the mandovi river.

as fas as i was concerned, IFFI could very well have been the international food festival of india, with everything from delhi chaat, bombay pav bhaji, nasik special gola, mysore special gobi manchuri (yes, manchuri!) and seek kababs, dum biryani, baida rotis and rolls.

we made an evening out of it, karishma and i, later joined by VC. beginning with beers at the kingfisher village, where we subjected ourselves to some really bad music and probably the most heavily dressed goans i have seen in a long long time. we then proceeded to try everything from the chaat to the kababs to the chicken lollipops and we also dared to sample the mysore special gobi manchuri.

here are a few snapshots:


  1. Nice nice. I think Goa has done a huge amount of good!!

  2. Ooooh, the pics turned out NICE! It was such a fun evening. :-)

  3. :) i want to go back before it goes away..

  4. damn neat! where is this food street? look I love the compos I dont need to say that further but the color tones, I am blown. Beautiful use of white balance and love the saturation

  5. dude this is a once a year food galli scene that happens along with the International Film Festival of India. It happens in Panjim, so this is pretty close to home. Frankly, Im not to happy about the shots. The light was too low for even the 50mm, and Im half blind in one eye, which makes every shot a hit or miss possibility, thanks to the manual focus :( So out of a few hundred shots, these were the only ones VC could salvage through some amount of post processing. All credit for the processing, colors, saturation, white balance goes to him.

  6. arryeee.. whata fun! i want to come for this next year for sure!
    and watch the flims too.. unlike you! :P
    the strange things about goa. in my head i cant decide what i want to make of that place.
    nice picture Vc!

  7. eh mucha.. all pictures have been shot by our very own haathi... nothing shot by me