Sunday, June 27, 2010

rat trauma

if you've been following the happenings on my other blog, you probably already know how the highlight of last week was this, this and finally THIS.

with that as a backgrounder, let me tell you what happened this morning. the morning after a crazy afternoon, evening, and a whole night of torrential rain.

i opened my balcony door, to find little stuart curled up behind it. drenched to the bone, wet, cold, almost too cold to move. but very much alive!

seems to me he is a rat with a mistaken identity. his behaviour was much like a cats. coming when he pleased, hiding, lying low, eating stuff, disappearing as he pleased. but yesterday the doors were shut before he made it in, i suppose and he didnt have a way in. so he just sat there getting soaked. when i found him in the morning he looked most forlorn, sad and too cold to move.

i quickly let all feelings of pity and "aww-ness" at how cute he looked disappear as my maid got rid of him. she let him live, though. and i hope he doesnt find his way back.


  1. i know you will laugh your guts out when i tell you this..we shifted into our home some months back and found the following items missing wine chocolates purple lace bra
    3.a pack of kaju barfi's writting pad

    all were found in G's cupboard, in the drawer at the bottom of the cupboard which was never used. the little chors had made a collection of all the above..

    clearly m not a stuart fan :( :(

  2. OMG thats insane! i shudder to think what i would do if god forbid i find them in my cupboard!! eeks!

    how did you get rid of them!