Friday, March 19, 2010

cooking finally!

last night marked the beginning of another chapter in my life, titled "cooking ones own meals". after much confusion, being surrounded by cartons, crying out for help, sorting packets of groceries, tidying up and getting a lot of help from pooja, the kitchen is set.

pooja was realllly nice to come by and help out, give me a few recipes and also go veggie shopping. later she ended up staying and rescuing me from my burnt garlic paste catastrophe!

but it was a fun evening, and the kitchen being set has made the house a home. the aloo sabji wasnt too bad either. and the icing on the cake was that vc claimed he actually like it :)


  1. this should have been documented dude!! :P..

  2. ya i know.. but what to do.. vc was busy drinking beer, youre not coming only..and i was cooking, so how to document?!

  3. iyooo wht a papa situation daaa...
    haha... soon daaa. wait and see.. and get the VC to do something also daaa.. bugger's best friend is beer now adays!! nansense!!

  4. how long since you are married babe ??? ha :) this was funny..really funny

  5. about 1 year and a half. but we've lived with folks all along :) so i never cooked!

    and this is the first time either of us has lived outside our own homes.. so its a big first step for us :D