Monday, March 29, 2010

the first supper

this was written on 11 March, way before any of the more recent developments around the home occurred.

It’s been a mad few weeks. When I was here the last time around, we spent all our time house-hunting, finding the house and then carrying our gazillion bags and suitcases up to the house. This time around, all my time has been spent in cleaning, waiting for various Goan executives to answer my calls and show up at my doorstep with their respective services, and eating out. In fact the husband has been eating out for a month now. And we’re both quite sick of it.

Our gas connection isn’t here yet, because we need an affidavit in the husbands name in order to apply – something that the husband has had absolutely no time to do. Between the pressures of a new job, making a difference by spending extra hours at the office, drinking umpteen beers and eating out, he hasn’t been left with much time for anything else.

To cut a long story short, we haven’t started cooking at home as yet. Even though the kitchen has been cleaned up, rearranged, and the boxes with all my kitchen essentials almost fully unpacked!

But last night we decided to make do at home, and have our very first “home cooked meal” at the nest. On the menu was: beer, roasted cashew nuts, grilled cheese toasts, and chips if you felt like it.

I went to the supermarket earlier in the evening and we picked up some cheese slices, tomato-olive sandwich spread (which I instantly knew only I would enjoy more than the husband), Goan bread (which is an interesting variety of the Bombay pav – same texture and feel, in a different shape – and I loved it!), hot and sweet tomato ketchup, and a whole 24-pack carton of Tuborgs (FOR 19 RUPEES A BOTTLE. Beat that!)

The evening was spent in quiet solitude, being with each other, sharing news about the day and of possible things to come, plotting the weekends surprise (muhuhahaha!), some essentials for the house that are still pending (after the carpenter we bargained with rejected our call, we’re back to square one!), and talking about how this is the life I’ve always wanted. I’m forever grateful to VC for being the person that he is, and for bringing me closer to another dream.

The toasts turned out fine. Thankfully someone gifted me a toaster (the electric grilling sort) at the wedding, and I had stashed it away for a better day. It was totally handy last night! So while the night was quiet, the toasts anything but fancy and the ambience still a little run down (from all the unpacking that’s still left to be done), I’d have to say it was the best dinner I’ve had in a while.

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  1. yeah it was good da... but this post is old..was it a draft sitting on the desktop?