Thursday, March 11, 2010

day one

  • Day one began with a sudden loneliness as soon as VC left for work. But thankfully it didn't last very long at all, as I surveyed the gargantuan task of cleaning that lay ahead of me. What better way to fight the sense of newness and unfamiliarity than to start getting things in order, the way you like them to be. The way it makes everything feel familiar. I'm amazed how anal I can get about keeping things tidy and putting things in their respective places. The soap now has a place, the washing machine detergent now has a place, and the sink scrubber now has a place. Yes, I notice how I'm only rambling on about cleaning equipment, but that's probably because the rest of our life's belongings are still tucked away in cardboard boxes and suitcases randomly strewn around the house
  • That reminds me, day one is also the day the packers and movers safely delivered my consignment. Almost no damages noticed so far, except for a lovely Fabindia lamp that got a little bent. I hope it's fixable. It's almost scary to see how your whole life can get packed away into boxes. No order, no heed, just packed away. Everything that we hang on to so dearly, the clutter that we bring into our lives, only to make it substantial and filled with "stuff". So the house is strewn with boxes and other random household items, which will soon find a place of their own. Much like the soap, detergent and sink scrubber
  • Day one also began with my first real up close encounter with a host of insects. I have successfully exterminated 3 generations of cockroaches (I'm pretty sure), an entire civilization of ants, some lonely geckos and a few wise spiders hanging around he place. The experience, I have to say, was not pretty, and certainly not something I would like to endure once again
  • Day one was when I went to the good old Coffee Day I have discovered close to home, where I envisage I will be spending a lot of my time. I went there for a decent cup of coffee, my first since I left Bangalore. I was satisfied. The weather was lovely, the setting sun light, just right. And I was so happy to see the number of healthy campers trudging along in their sneakers, shorts, ipods etc. It reminded me of how Goa is going to be about getting back in good health, having the time to exercise, cooking healthy food, and staying fit (amongst other things..hehe)
  • But of all the things I have just gone through, the one memory of day one that lingers in my mind is the feeling of immense satisfaction and contentment. At having my own place/space. Cleaning it up the way I know best. Being alone and feeling the tension. Brushing those thoughts away and coaxing myself into being brave. Day one was about the beginning of taking charge – which comes with so many other things attached. Day one was about the realization that living alone is overwhelming, yet it brings a sense of calm over me
  • Day one will be most remembered for the feeling of finally coming home

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