Tuesday, March 16, 2010

to bombay and back..to melancholy and back..

vc and i went away to bombay for the weekend. a very impromptu decision to go, it was. vc went on work, and since it amounted to two days and three nights alone, i thought to myself why not go with him? so go i did.. and it turned out to be the best decision, because i got to surprise a very homesick niyoo, spend time with the cousins and my aunt who are all alone at the bombay house at the moment.

the weekend was spent consuming happy home cooked favorites, roaming the nooks and allies of fashion street and colaba for goa-friendly clothes. we also went to woodside inn, which was fun, and watched alice in wonderland in 3d.

the point im trying to make, however, is that returning on monday morning was no easy task. the house begged to be dusted and cleaned but i didnt feel like it. the laundry ached to be done, and i somehow managed to drag myself out of my homesick funk and do it, and all of a sudden the house felt cold and lonely.

for the first time since iv come to goa, i felt the weight of being terrible lonely. for so many days now theres been so much to do, places to go, errands to be run, the newness of the house etc..and no time to be sad and lonely. but yesterday, i felt it especially after vc left for work.

to battle the melancholy, i had a quick shower, discovered our phone is finally working (hallelujah!!) and left the house. the idea was to fill my otherwise empty day with random things to do, so i wouldnt feel so aimless.

later in the evening, i decided enough is enough, and if i keep waiting for the carpenter and the handyman and the phone man and the various other people to come set my house up before i step in and do my thing, il never feel settled and at home.

since i cant unpack my boxes yet, i decided to cozy up the house in what little way i could. and it worked wonders. we cozied up the living room a bit. bright yellow fabindia sheets on the floor gaddas, bright cushions and covers, 2 happy yellow light lamps and we're set.

welcome home, happiness


  1. ya re the floor gaddas and the lamps are great..

  2. ohh hooo... thats one hectic scene dealing with lonelyness is not a fun thing but youll find yourself learning a lot more daa.. its killer. :D.. hang in there i will come off sooooonly.! :D big hugs..